How to use SHAREit App on PC, Android & iPhone?

What Really is SHAREit App in the First Place? And how to download and use SHAREit on PC, Android and iPhone, well you are going to find all these things in our article.

The days when you had to set up a hot spot and create an FTP server manually to share files between your mobile device and computer are gone, with the inception of an app like SHAREit, you do not have to be a techie to perform this essential task.

Manually creating FTP server and hot spots was not just a tedious task, but it also lacked some important features – like it was mostly able to share photos between your devices only.

But with SHAREit app, you can transfer all kinds of files – including photos, videos, audios, and docs – between your PC and Android or iPhone devices and vice versa.

shareit for pc

SHAREit for PC: Getting Started

In order to be able to easily transfer files between your mobile device and computer, all you need to have is a wifi connection and SHAREit app installed on both of your devices.

Follow these simple steps to start transferring media easily with SHAREit app:

  • Download and install SHAREit on both of your devices.
  • Create an account. Unlike the majority of the apps of the same nature, your account in SHAREit is not created online – as it is just meant to identify your device. So, you don’t necessarily to need to have your wifi turned on at this moment.
  • Once the app is configured on both the devices, make sure both of them are connected to the same wifi connection. Otherwise, the device won’t show up.
  • You will now be able to see the receiver device on the scanner of the sender.
  • And you’re pretty much done.
  • Now, all you need to do is to start sending the files by tapping on the receiver’s name, and the files will be sent instantly.

Such is the power of this nifty little app. SHAREit PC.

Other Striking Features Of SHAREit App:

  • Although it works best with a wifi connection, you are obliged to have it. You can transfer media through SHAREit without wifi.
  • It promises a speed that is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. The speed at times can reach to a whopping 20MBs/sec.
  • Compatible with all major mobile operating systems including android, iOS, and windows phone (no version for BlackBerry 10 currently). And for computers, you can install it whether you run Mac or Windows.

So, folks, I hope that you enjoyed this article which makes it possible to download SHAREit for PC and helps you to learn on how to use SHAREit App on Computer, Android and iPhone easily.

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