Download Dr Driving for PC or Windows 7/8/XP/10 Computer

Dr Driving is on your way; yes today I have bought you this super fast game which you can download on your PC. Yes you heard it right on your PC. You might have played this on your android devices many times as it has spread over millions of users and is getting popular day by day.

Dr Driving will drive you freaking crazy with its mind blowing speed. So all you guy those who love racing cars and are passionate for speed then this game is right one for you.

But let me tell you it’s not just racing but it enhances your skills as you have to drive in traffic and have to park your car as well. So let me highlight Dr Driving game features

dr driving

  1. Great visual effects and sounds. Sensor of the game is really sensitive. Multiple player game.
  2. Earn gold during the play i.e. when you complete your race before your opponent does.
  3. At a point it takes you to that fantasy world where you feel as if you are really driving the car.
  4. Not one or two it offers you 6 game play modes.
  5. Share your score on social media and tell your friends that you are way ahead from them. Customize your steering wheel and other gears.
  6. Base of the game is racing but with diverse features like driving, applying brakes and parking as the task is accomplished. Level up and you unlock different levels and cars. 

dr driving for pc download

Download Dr Driving for PC or Windows 7/8/XP/10 Computer-

Dr Driving is an android game hence it cannot be downloaded directly via link. For this we will need an android emulator. Here I have chosen BlueStacks emulator as it is the most famous and trustable downloading emulator.

  1. First of all you will have to download BlueStacks as per operating system. So go for its official website and choose the compatible one and download it.
  2. After its download start its installation process, this will take few minutes as necessary files are downloaded via app.
  3. The next and most important step after its download is adding Google account to your emulator which will act as a gateway to Google play store for apps downloads.
  4. Now open the main page and go for the search bar and type Dr Driving in it.
  5. Click on the app and install.
  6. But that not all as we know that Dr Driving is a touch based game that is sensor one so we have to do some configuration settings like-

Download a keyboard control configuration file and install it. This file will act as a controller for keys. Hence after this your configuration will be-

  1. Right key– Moving steering towards right side.
  2. Left key– Moving steering towards left side.
  3. X key– Gas buster key
  4. Z key– To apply breaks

The above guide is totally a complete guide from download to it configuration. So follow it stepwise and enjoy the game.

Download Shadow Fight 2 for PC on Mac & Windows

NEKKI is that developer of the Google play store which had always come with amazing and unique games. Earlier they launched Vector game which was highly popular and now they got Shadow Fight 2 for all of us.

This game is getting popular day by day and it was also listed among top best games of 2014 on many authority websites. You can even find it among top gaming charts on the Google play store.

Here is the guide to download Shadow Fight 2 for PC and also I’ll be sharing each and every feature of it with you. The game is available under Action category and here is a complete tutorial that is going to let you play this game right on your Windows or Mac computers or laptops.

You just need to get ready with any of the system you’ve which is working on latest graphics driver version in order to fix any graphics related issue in future.

shadow fight 2

You can easily find millions of users recommending this game and few of your friends too who are already playing it. The game serves a lot of features which are simply hard to ignore and its main highlight is the kind of game playing experience you’re getting within.

It got full HD level of graphics standards which are one of the prime reasons behind its addictiveness. The sound effects are there which are battle inspired. In this game you have to do a lot of battles throughout.

You need to learn new moves and powers you already aware of in the game and use them on the enemy you see in there. Playing this game isn’t that easy but you’ll quickly learn how to do and what to do within.

shadow fight 2 for pc download

How to Download Shadow Fight 2 for PC Guide

Simply go through following sets of instructions and the game will be installed at your computer with any moment once you’re done with it. The actual time taken depends on speed of your internet connection and computer.

  • I’m hoping that graphics driver is updated. Download BlueStacks app player for your Windows or Mac system you’re having from this official source.
  • Install the software then by double clicking on its installer file and then going through on screen instructions as you see in there.
  • Start the software once it’s installed then and use the search tool to find out Shadow Fight 2 Android game. Then open the game in Google play store using the link there.
  • Enable the synchronization feature of BlueStacks app player then by logging in with a Google account. It’s free and recommended.
  • Once done with login then click on install option which is right there ahead of the game listing on the Google play store.

The game will be installed now and it will take just few minutes of time depending on actual internet speed you’re getting. I hope everything went off without any issues and you’re even going to share this guide with your friends online.

Dungeon Hunter 4 for PC Download – Windows 7/8/XP & Mac

One more interesting game download is here on your way. Yes today I am going to guide you in how to download Dungeon Hunter 4 for PC. Many of my friends are totally crazy for this game and on their demand I am posting this for all you out there. Dungeon Hunter is a strategic game which makes it more exciting and epic.

You might have played this game on your android devices many times and might had a wish to play it on a large screen, so my friend today is the day when you can download it on your PC that too by following some simple steps but before this I would like to tell  you about this interesting game.

dungeon hunterDungeon Hunter 4 is new link continuing its base series but this time it’s more thrilling and exciting and it takes you to a level where you get involved in its virtual world.

You have to decide whether it’s a curse or bless. With compelling new trails the game contains 4 new Dungeons which will compel you to get addicted.

Some great features offered by the game are

  1. Great visual effects with astonishing sounds.
  2. Thrill strikes again with sharp storyline and fantasy world.
  3. Numerous of enemies to be smashed.
  4. Strategic game so you are open for your own creativity.
  5. This time you have 4 different warriors with different battlegrounds and warrior ships.
  6.  You can customize your gears.
  7. Multiplayer game so you can add your friends in your team or can challenge them as well.
  8. Hidden mysteries to be explored and lots of exciting gears waiting for you.

This game is a free multiplayer game, thus you don’t have to spare even a penny to play it. Even its download is totally free and simple. Hence you don’t need any prior expertise to download this game; with easy steps stated below I will make it more systematic for you.

dungeon hunter for pc download

Dungeon Hunter 4 for PC Download

To download Hunter 4 easily I am opting an Android emulator i.e. BlueStacks. Dungeon Hunter for PC is amazing. This emulator is easily available on its official website and is compatible with operating system like (Windows 7/8/XP) & Mac but search it by its particular like “BlueStacks for Mac” etc. by this you won’t be having any problem in its installation. So its installation is as follows-

  1. Download BlueStacks and install it by following the instructions.
  2. Now add your Google account to it which will allow you to download different android apps on your PC.
  3. Once installation is done go to main user interface >Search bar>type Dungeon Hunter4 in it.
  4. You will get the app now install the app by a click.
  5. It will be shown in My Apps Folder, open it and play. 

Hope this simple and easy guide will help you download your favorite Dungeon Hunter 4 game on your PC. Enjoy!!!